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The effects of FHP Forward head posture can result in loss of vital lung capacity. In fact, lung capacity is depleted by as much as 30 percent. Loss of lung capacity can lead to heart and blood vascular problems

Protecting Your Child’s Spine

In light of the current epidemic of learning disabilities and the growing incidence of “unexplained” pain and health problems plaguing many children today, the fact that natural, healthy posture is thoroughly ignored represents a serious oversight. We currently have a good understanding of the necessity of a healthy diet, a moderate level of physical activity and a safe, nurturing environment to a child’s wellbeing.  However, we have yet to understand the importance of inhabiting the body according to the natural human design, a factor that is essential to overall good health.

What is the natural human design?

Healthy babies, come into the world with a capacity for a lifetime of easeful movement and pain-free living. This is true for all other species, as well.  Unfortunately, in places that are more technologically-advanced, growing numbers of children are losing this capacity at younger and younger ages. Most children in previous generations were far more easily supported by aligned bones than children are today. Although more formal in dress and lifestyle, such children were more “at ease” in bodies that matched the “architectural” integrity required by the human design and provided the necessary elements for easy flexibility, relaxed, authentic strength and overall vibrancy and good health

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